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Does your business have headaches like these?  

Operation bottlenecks served by human labor

While you know that software can tackle them much more efficiently

Problems resulted from human mistake

While you know that software could have prevented them

If you do, Hugebag may be able to help you.

You have an in-house system that manages the products you sell on various online marketplaces. Unfortunately, your system doesn't speak the exact same language the marketplaces do. Every time you export listings from your system you have to manually adjust the headers before you can upload the files. The whole process is time-consuming, error-prone and painful.
Due to business and regulatory reasons, your business ought to generate various documents regularly. Each type of document follow the same format and you have the data available. Because of certain limitation of an off-the-shelf mail merge function you have access to, however, it can't produce the documents in the exact format you need. So, you need to manually type in the data to produce the documents. The whole process is time-consuming, error-prone and painful.
One of your job duties is to reconcile statements from your business partners with yours to make sure that both ends' numbers agree. Due to certain business exceptions, you can't simply use functions provided by Excel to perform the reconciliation automatically. Therefore, you have to match numbers by your eyes manually. The whole process is time-consuming, error-prone and painful.
You are a photographer and you know there is a set of questions that every new customer likes to ask. You have a website but its content is outdated and it is a pain to update or modify it. Since your customers can't find answers on your site, many call you to ask and you keep giving out the same answers manually. The whole process is time-consuming, error-prone and painful.
If you have any of the above or similar headaches, give us a shot. Life doesn't have to be painful.

Your time is more valuable than you think

Employee cost is high. Minimum wage is increasing. As an owner, your time is even more precious and should only be spent on critical decision making, not menial labor

Human errors are detrimental to morale

Not only do human errors cost time to fix, it also destroys team spirit quickly, which in turn causes costly turnover

  Why should your business care?

Why would you hire Hugebag?

Software tailor-made to exact business situation
Your human bottleneck likely involves operations that are not served by off-the-shelf software. We will customize an app to serve that exact part of your operation
Big name consulting firms are quite expensive
Large firm like IBM charges a premium because they have huge overhead (a.k.a. sales team). We don't have much of that and it lets us price our work less
10+ years of experience in developing software
We have more than 10 years of experience in software development and employ industry best practices to write software that is easy to change and secure
Knowledge of common business operations
Experience with business functions such as quotations, purchase orders, invoices, inventory, shipping (UPS, FedEx, etc), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc), email automation, PDF generation, FTP upload/download, CSV import/export
Access your application anytime from anywhere
Your application will be securely hosted in the cloud (we use Amazon Web Services) so it is available 24/7 and accessible from wherever you do business
Support by the software developer directly
You will be helped by the software developer who writes your app, not a technical support on the other side of the globe with shallow knowledge of the app and your business

Also, if Cantonese is your first language, you will feel right at home

We will try to understand your business need, the scope and urgency of your project as well as your budget to see if we can help you
If there is a consensus that Hugebag can help you, an agreement stating the rights and responsibilities of both parties will be signed
We will then start designing the application including its user interface, business logic architecture and the database
This is the part that the application is brought into existence. We will sign up the services (e.g. AWS, GoDaddy) needed for you, configure the server and database, write the code for business logic, etc.

We will utilize automated as well as manual testing to check if the application is performed as expected. Also, we will let you test the application and solicit your feedback.

The cycle of design implementation testing will continue until the application is completed

After the application is put into production, you can continue to receive support from us if you choose. Should your business situation changes or there is new requirement, we are happy to modify/enhance the application for you

Hugebag is experienced in various technologies/software/services including:

Technologies: Ruby on Rails • HTML • CSS • Sass • Bootstrap • JavaScript • jQuery • SQL
Software: Apache • Nginx • Passenger • MySQL • Git • Linux
Services: NetSuite • Amazon EC2 • RDS • S3 • SES • Shopify • MailChimp • Braintree • Google AdWords
Ruby   Ruby on Rails   MySQL   Amazon Web Services

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